It all started in fashion...


The company was first established in 2006 by Janeace Thompson and Natasha Ward. Inspired by the standard of service Janeace had experienced over the many years spent visiting the islands as a tourist, she was convinced that together, they could inspire others with their passion for service, to really make a difference. 

With solid roots in the retail sales and service industry, the pair were able to identify key areas for development in the Caribbean Region and beyond. Starting with one of the Caribbean‘s most famous  Department Store, Cave Shepherd, they introduced the concept of Visual Merchandising and its relationship to the "customer experience" for the first time. Having transformed the Ladies and Menswear departments, over a period of three consecutive days, the pair delivered training and consultancy to the team; successfully improving the visual standards and customer experience in store. To some extent, many of the fundamental principles taught at that time, are still applied in the Broad Street store today.  

Janeace and Natasha identified the importance of the "customer Experience" long ago. It was without hesitation, the pair grasped the opportunity to support independent business owners to improve the same. Over ten years later, that passion still drives and motivates them to inspire others and lead change. 




Offering over 23 years of sales and management experience, gained mainly in the UK, as well as having opened the very first Louis Vuitton in the Eastern Caribbean,  Janeace has a sound understanding of business operations, sales and service; as well as its challenges both locally and abroad. Combining her knowledge of high turnover retail and Human Resources with her extensive background in the luxury market, Janeace has successfully improved company performance, sales revenues and enhanced service standards through the successful  application of contemporary management strategies. Janeace has recruited, trained and developed highl performance teams and implemented effective operational systems. Most passionate about People Development, Talent Acquisition  and Customer Service and believes "anything is possible" through coaching and the continuous development of the teams she works with.  

As well the completion of various training courses, Janeace holds a  BA in Media Communications and English and holds a professional qualification in Human Resource Management. 



Over 23 years' experience working in a management capacity for high volume and luxury international brands. Specialising in retail, customer service and operational management with an additional focus on staff recruitment training and development, Natasha has experience launching multiple new businesses. This experience includes the design and implementation of the operational control systems, budget allocation control as well and inventory management systems . Natasha has a passion for data analysis and believes that in order to develop a business you need to identify what works and determine what the opportunities are available to replicate success whilst highlighting possibilities for improvement. 


Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their performance, that attracts, develops, motivates and retains exceptional people with the aim to build a resilient business in the rapidly changing sales and retail environment. To develop local, regional, and international businesses and improve the customer experience through their face-to-face interactions.


 Janeace and Natasha were very understanding and made sure that all the weak areas were addressed. The class will take me through life and I have really learned from it.  Awarded 10/10 Participant Etiquette Training - June 2017 

I greatly enjoyed this course. I am always willing to learn. This course has given me some great stuff to walk away with, to use in and out of my work life. Thank you so much for giving a wonderful privilege. Awarded 10/10 Participant Etiquette Training - June - 2017.  

It was so much fun and I learned a lot from it. I think it has made me a better person in so many ways. I think I am much better to work with and I am much more careful how I speak to my colleagues as well. Awarded 9/10 Participant Etiquette Training - June - 2017  

'' We were looking to enhance our in-store customer service experience, so we decided to enrol our staff in a Sales and Customer Experience Management course. We hired Thompson & Ward Inc. to conduct this course but we left with vastly more.  Janeace and Natasha conducted the course with great professionalism and used creative ways to make it fun and interactive, while still being able to get across important information to the team. They were able to customise the course to our specific business needs and because of their years of experience they were able to suggest innovative ideas to enhance our team’s performance.  As a result of all their knowledge and recommendations our staff has achieved a greater team spirit and are continuously motivated and driven.  Both Janeace and Natasha have a great energy and are a pleasure to work with, I cannot speak highly enough of their expertise when it comes to the retail industry.''

Shyam Mahtani

HARMONY September 2017


With an internationally developed understanding of the retail and service sector, our consultants bring years of knowledge and experience to your business, regardless of your geographical location.

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