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We do not sell anything!

No matter what business you are in, you are essentially, in the business of sales. Our training and consultation can also be linked to Retail Banking, Real Estate, Restaurants and Hotels. It is both relevant and beneficial to any sales or service based organization.

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What kind of business do you service?

  • Beauty Salons
  • Hair Salons
  • Dentists
  • Guest Houses 
  • Retail Stores

How will you help me increase my sales?

We deliver bespoke or generic Sales Strategy, and Service training, that help business owners and their teams yield better quality transactions overall. We recommend our bespoke training and consultation packages that include observation and ongoing consultation, combined with supporting services such as coaching and implementation.

Why Should we engage Thompson and Ward Inc

Our training is interactive, energetic, informative and fun. We offer practical advice and solutions to many of the common challenges companies face. We dare to guarantee results and achieve a quick return on your investment.

How Do You Service Overseas Companies?

We typically operate in the UK and the Caribbean, but we are just a plane journey away from wherever you are! 

In addition to face to face, we also offer Web Based Training and Consultancy.

How much will this cost?

Since the needs of our clients vary, we offer various types of training as well as bespoke packages, so the costs vary. We take into consideration, the size of the team, the regularity and duration of service required. 

We will be happy to provide a personalized quote.


We hope you found the answers to your questions, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further queries.

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