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Summer trends 2018

The Master of Fashion Hacks


If you were to enrol in our (imaginary) Victoria Beckham style school, you'd come out on the other side as an infinitely more chic and noticeably always pulled-together kind of lady. VB's fashion persona is nothing short of impeccable—never a hair out of place or a mismatched accessory to be seen.

Sure, she's powered through many a highly documented fashion phase over the years (we're particularly into her LBD collection), but since establishing a firm place within the industry's top echelons, Victoria Beckham—the designer—has proven time and time again to set trends and the agenda for working women, mums, handbag obsessive and pretty much anyone with a general interest in looking sophisticated rather than try-hard or grunge-y.

The Key Looks You Need To Know


The spring/summer 2018 fashion trends are nothing if not bright, bold and really quite beautiful. In fact, it was a show season full of actual fashion moments, and that's not hyperbole. I'm talking about the type that had even the coolest fashion critics reaching for their Google Pixel 2 cameraphones. And the one catwalk that really set the tone, impressed everyone and just so happens to tick off almost every S/S 18 trend under the sun was, of course, Versace.


Despite having worked with a number of brands and celebrities, David and Victoria were Janeace's favorite. 

The epitome of style and the ability to reinvent herself, Victoria Beckham is an example of sheer focus and determination. 

This video showcases her sense of humor and her ability to not take herself too seriously. 

T&W Tips



IDEALLY you want customer to locate  merchandise displayed in the window  IMMEDIATELY! 

This is known quite simply as “SEE IT BUY IT!”



Studies have actually shown that humans respond better to groups of three, because our eyes move around when there are three objects or items grouped together.  We recommend that you display Mannequins in arrangements of one, three or five. Remember ODD numbers work BEST and are more attractive to the eye than even numbers. 


Asymmetrical arrangements allow for better visual dynamics, whereas  symmetrical displays and perfectly balanced arrangements, just lack interest!



Stick to three colors in window displays, this provides clarity and communicates clear sales/ brand messages.

Ensure color is evenly placed, to achieve visual balance and better overall aesthetics.


Marks and Spencer's (M&S) Visual Merchandising Manager Rosie talks about the role of a Visual Merchandiser (VM), at the UK's famous retail chain -  M&S. 

She speaks about the qualities required and key characteristics to work as a VM.


Janeace and Natasha had an incredible experience working with legendary designer, Marc Jacobs, who changed the face of one of the world's most luxurious brands, Louis Vuitton. 

In this video Marc shares his ideas about the Louis Vuitton Woman. 


Retail's not dead, and physical stores still matter, Goldman says

While some people love to chatter about a looming "retail apocalypse," Goldman Sachs says not so fast. On Thursday, the firm offered up a number of reasons why physical retail can and will live on.Store-based retailers must approach the current situation — a rapidly evolving environment — with a fresher approach and a strategy that keeps the threat of digital dominance top of mind, Goldman said.

Managing Employee Behavior and Performance With Employee Engagement

For many retail managers, the most baffling part of their job is the people part. The same leaders who can easily manage their inventory, manage their facilities, manage their books, and manage their profit margins, are often the same ones who find themselves at a loss when it comes to managing the behavior and performance of their employees. “Why can’t they just do what I tell them to do?” is the management cry heard around the retail world.

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